One-on-one with Hoten

From the colourful markets of Sao Paulo, to the white-hot beaches of Sydney… Hoten, the sun-drenched Brazilian phenomenon of house and techno (a.k.a. Wendell Benjamin) is en route to for a one-night-only party showcase alongside Robbie Lowe.

Dive deep into Hoten’s musical genius ahead of this Friday’s event and discover his inspiration, favourite album and what’s on the horizon for his co-founded label, 43 Degree Records.

One-on-one with DJ Lion

As we count down the days to 'White Noise pres. DJ Lion’ on Brown Alley’s iconic garden bar on Friday the 20th of April, we stepped into the cage with the lion himself, Zhivorad Milich. As owner and co-founder of the hugely successful Patent Skillz label and recent signee to Ballroom Records, Zhivorad is quite possibly the Balkans’ finest electronic music export.

Here we get intimate about inspiration, Patent Skillz and movie soundtracks.