One-on-one with Robbie Lowe

"Play music you love, have patience and practice, practice, practice... have fun and just let your career naturally take shape. Promoters eventually take notice and, most importantly, people on the dance floor!" As we close in on our huge Sunday Session in the iconic courtyard of Brunswick’s Penny Black, house maestro and supremely talented (and downright loveable) human-being, Robbie Lowe caught up with us to indulge our questioning ...

robbie lowe.jpg

How did it all begin for Robbie Lowe?

It all started when I was about 19... my introduction to dance music was at a young age, thanks to a young mum! It was always playing in the house as a kid. Eventually, a good friend lent me his turntables for a few weeks with a bunch of records and I was hooked on the idea of mixing records together!

What is the one thing that keeps you stepping behind the decks?

It’s the whole package really… when jumping behind the decks, you never really know what you’re going to get. No gig is the same and has it's own set of challenges. Plus, it’s the rush of playing music I love and putting a smile on people’s faces. Especially knowing when I’ve done a good job. I love everything about it - the music industry is an exciting lifestyle that keeps me on my toes and it's constantly pushing myself to be a better DJ.

You seem to be a keen surfer… where’s the best spot to surf in Sydney?

Yep, I love to surf! I’ll be biased and say my home break which is Manly Beach.

What’s the one gig that still stands out in your mind... that when you remember it, you still pinch yourself? Why?

Hmm, there’s definitely been a few but to narrow down to one I’d say my 20 year anniversary set at the now defunct "Spice Cellar" in Sydney. It was an awesome club, and I was one of the resident DJ’s. The club opened at 10pm and closed 10am Saturday nights. For my anniversary set I played for 8 hours. It was amazing, and I felt I had people on the dancefloor locked to my groove from start to finish, weaving through genres. I had James Zabiela hanging out for a few hours which was awesome too!

What were your favourite albums growing up?

I was a 90’s kid so albums like:
Prince - Purple Rain
George Michael - Faith
Public Enemy – Nation Of Millions To Hold Us back
Womack & Womack – Conscience
Adeva – Ultimate Adeva

What is your “go-to” track? Why?

Old School: Gat Decor - Passion. It’s close to the heart this track, and never ages! Broke a lot of barriers when released in 1992. Very forward-thinking and it still goes off today.

Current: Simple Symmetry - Plane Goes East (DJ Tennis Remix). I love everything about DJ Tennis! His production really hits the spot for me - deep, melodic and bass driven. This tune in particular I’ve been playing for a while. Love it!

Do you have any advice for up and coming DJ’s wanting to play more gigs?

Play music you love, have patience and practice, practice, practice! Also remember nothing happens overnight, so don’t put too much pressure or expectations on yourself. Be proactive and professional, have fun and just let your career naturally take shape. Promoters eventually take notice and most importantly people on the dance floor!

Favourite movie?

The Scent Of A Woman.

What do you love about the dance music / underground scene in Sydney?

There’s a real feel of unity in Sydney, these days. We all seem to all work together. Especially since the dramas we had with lock out laws etc. We have a lot of passionate promoters throwing awesome parties... and the standard of DJ’ing is excellent. Plus there's a lot of support for our locals. Everyone is super nice – we are like one big family.

We have to ask… any plans to move to Melbourne?

No. Only because I love the beaches here! I do love Melbourne, I have some good friends there, and always have a fantastic time. Plus it’s only an hour away!

What can we expect from a Robbie Lowe set?

A bit of everything really... I tend to move around genres a bit through my sets... and that’s depending on the vibe and what the dance floor is doing. I generally like to keep a funky kick or a bit of swing in my sets, whether house, techno or anything in between.