One-on-one with Kirk Chetcuti

We recently had a chat with super bloke and co-founder of Arteq, Kirk Chetcuti before he joins us for our next party at “home base” New Guernica this Friday.

Kirk digs deep into the archives to talk about where his musical roots lie…. and why a common, logical food combination doesn’t quite float his boat.


So, how did it all begin for Kirk Chetcuti?

Well, I guess I always had a love for music… at least from a very young age.  I bought a pair of decks at 14 and started DJ’ing house parties with my good friend Anthony Michetti (a.k.a. Machete). As I grew older, my passion for music never faded and now almost 10 years on I’m still doing what I love, and I’m very grateful for it!

Who do you look up to in the electronic music industry?

I honestly really look up to Sebastian Leger . Release after release, his music gets better and better. 

Tell us about your most memorable gig?

One of my most memorable gigs was probably when I played at Arteq Productions’ sold out party at The Penny Black on Good Friday. After jumping on from one of Australia’s best (Kasey Taylor), the standard was set pretty high but I felt as if I did really well leading into another local hero (Spacey Space). Sets like that don’t come along very often, so it’s definitely one I’ll always cherish.

What albums were you listening to growing up?

Ministry Of Sound were my jams when I was younger!

What is your number one “go to” track? The one that always turns things around on the dance floor..

Lately I’ve been trying to keep my sets rather unique and always have a fresh library going into them, but there was a period when I used to give “Secret Games - D-Nox & Beckers” a fair rinse, and that never failed me once haha.

Favourite movie?

Pulp Fiction. 

Correct answer! What’s one thing about Kirk Chetcuti that people would be surprised to hear?

I hate having Garlic sauce in my kebabs haha!

Favourite non-electronic music artist/band?

Biggie Smalls.

What can we expect to hear from you on the 12th?

You can expect to hear a melodic, groovy kind of feel.