One-on-one with Hoten

From the colourful markets of Sao Paulo, to the white-hot beaches of Sydney… Hoten, the sun-drenched Brazilian phenomenon of house and techno (a.k.a. Wendell Benjamin) is en route for a one-night-only party showcase alongside Robbie Lowe.

Dive deep into Hoten’s musical genius ahead of this Friday’s event and discover his inspiration, favourite album and what’s on the horizon for his co-founded label, 43 Degree Records.

Hoten DJ.jpg

Tell us about the moment it all began for you as a DJ / Producer?

I got in touch with House music when I was 14 years old. My first official gig was in a small club called Mezzanine in my hometown of Sao Paulo.. and 2 years later I was studying music production! I fell deeply in love with music culture.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you play?

I’m a flexible DJ.. I like to be versatile - you will find groove and melody in my sets, they're story-telling.

What is the one track that you always turn to, to turn things around on the dance floor?

To spice it up a little bit and bring some more energy to the floor, my one to go would be “Charlie Adshead - Solera”. Works every time!

What is your all-time favourite movie? And why?

To be honest, I love documentaries! I’m not much into movies.. pretty predictable endings, and I get easily bored haha! So, I like to educate myself with doccos.

Artist you are most inspired by?

Freddie Mercury. I grew up listening to Queen and I think he’s a genius. The music is unique - he did something that no one can recreate, that’s just my humble opinion.

Tell us, what is your favourite thing about being a DJ / Producer?

I work hard to get better in terms of my skills and sound quality. The most enjoyable part of this is to share everything I've learned, and experience it with the people around me - particularly on the dance floor. We exchange energy and life experiences, it's like a perfect cycle.

Favourite album of all-time?

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon.

Tell us about your first gig. Were you nervous? What did you play? Where were you?

I was in Brazil. I like to feel pressure, it makes me ‘ready’ so I didn’t really feel nervous. I was curious to understand the experience, and I ended up playing House/ Prog House.

Tell us a bit about 43 Degrees Records, and how it came into existence?

That’s a record label I run in partnership with Raoni Lima, who is also my manager. We launched it in February 2016, and the intention was to release up-and-coming producers along with my own music. 2 years passed, and we changed quite a lot of the music style into something more sophisticated to the ears.. with a focus on bringing groove, melody, and more meaning.

This year, Max Ravier became part of the 43 Creativ Studio team - which is a design and marketing company behind the label’s artworks and content . He’s an amazing photographer/videographer who is working with Raoni on our new series of cover art/videos, bringing the nature vibe to this Summer as our leading theme and new brand.

We're all really excited with this new vision and direction, and for next year's releases. What’s next for Hoten?

New tours, releases/remixes and more adventures to be shared soon. I’ll be announcing everything on my social channels, so stay tuned!

This is your first gig for us (and hopefully not the last)… so what can the White Noise crowd expect from a Hoten set?

I will bring a lot of energy! Expect me to read your moves because when I’m playing, I have to make sure you’re having a great time. Together we will enjoy the music as one.