One-on-one with Gabriel Moraes

Tomorrow night we land at New Guernica with two amazingly talented DJ/Producers. Uone and Gabriel Moraes have set the electronic music industry on fire with their exceptional skills behind the controls and in the studio.

We sat down with Brazilian-born newcomer to Australia, Gabriel Moraes to talk inspiration, memorable gigs, favourite tracks and Grand Budapest Hotel.


Welcome to Australia! How are you enjoying your time here so far?

Thank you! Australia has been such a pleasure so far. I love this country more and more each day, especially Melbourne… it’s such a good city full of energy and good vibes everywhere!

What would you say are the main differences between the underground / electronic music scenes in Brazil and Australia?

To be honest, I think the Australian and the Brazilian electronic music scenes have a lot in common. Both are maturing in every way. I see so many good producers and DJs emerging, and spreading their work all over Europe, which is possibly the biggest electronic music scene in the world. Watching producers from both countries releasing such amazing music certainly means that both our music industries are heading in the right direction.

You’ve signed some incredible tracks lately to labels the likes of Dear Deer, Nin92wo and Bassic. How have these releases changed the trajectory of your career?

Every new release is a step forward. After finishing a new track, the quest to get it signed onto a new label begins. I’m happy to have released on such professional labels, and I’m sure that my music wouldn’t have reached as many people as it did without all the efforts of the labels in promotion and marketing.

Tell us about your most memorable gig to-date?

Probably my set at Elements Festival in Queensland last year! It was a daytime set, the weather was beautiful and the crowd was so loving. The vibe was unbelievable, it just had this amazing energy exchange between me and the crowd that I will never forget.

What is your favourite, go-to track that never fails to turn things around on the dancefloor?

It’s hard to pick just one. It really depends on the set I’m playing, but one track that’s been working really well lately is a remix from my Brazilian friend Nineteen Sines on Hostage Records called ‘Schreien’. It’s an absolute dancefloor bomb.

Favourite movie? Why?

That’s a good question! I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one that is special for me is ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. It’s a movie unlike any other and such a beautiful, interesting movie with a lot of sentiment.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming DJs/producers in Australia looking to make a name for themselves?

I think the best advice is to focus on your music, focus all your attention on improving more and more, and try not to look at what others are doing. It’s easy to copy someone, the hardest part is creating your own music identity and style, but once you reach that point it will naturally flow creatively.

Who or what inspires you the most to make or play music?

Music is my biggest passion, I listen to music all the time and I couldn’t go a day without it. I think my biggest inspiration to make or play music is basically just listening to more music from all genres, old or new. That’s what drives me.

What can the White Noise crowd at New Guernica expect from your set on Friday the 9th August?

I‘m definitely going to play a lot of my own productions and some new unreleased tracks as well! I also love to play some of my good friends’ tracks that I think fits my music. But every gig is different and I know White Noise parties are always full of love and good energy so I will just go with the crowd flow.

Favourite song of all time (any genre), and why?

That’s a hard question that I could not answer. My favourite track varies from time to time, and I don’t have a favourite artist or just one track. Our taste changes as we grow older and so my favourite music is always changing with me.

What’s on the horizon for Gabriel Moraes?

Wow! The horizon is wherever my music takes me, it’s hard to plan your life when you work with art, but so far I’m really thrilled about how far music has taken me… and one thing that I’m sure of is that I will keep making music, and always trying to get better at what I do.