One-on-one with Edgework

"Behaviour at the edge of normality".

As the countdown to 'White Noise pres. Out of Sorts’ at New Guernica on the 15th of September 2017 continues… we took a couple of minutes out of our day with Edgework - a.k.a. Asher Jonas and Lachie Spurling. Close mates and a seriously talented DJ duo with barely time to scratch themselves between gigs in and around Melbourne. Get to know the boys’ favourite music, albums and movie soundtrack.. and what inspired their stage name.


How did you guys meet, and what made you decide to DJ together?

We met on the first day of high school and were best mates long before we knew what DJing really was. In our last two years of high school, we were sneaking into nightclubs and become fairly obsessed with electronic music. We decided to take the plunge and put $50 each into a seriously crappy controller, spending hours of time that should have been devoted to studying playing around on this bottom of the range piece of gear.

Is there a meaning to the name ‘Edgework’?

There is, actually. We were trying to come up with some sort of name when I was sitting in a criminology class at Uni, and the tutor starting talking about the 'Edgeworking theory'. It means behavior at the edge of what is normally allowed or accepted. Thought it sounded alright so we went with it!

Do you have a residency / where can people see you?

We have a few semi-consistent gigs including Novel’s Smalltown events, Burn City Disco, Adultery, Lucky Coq and increasingly regular appearances at Revolver Upstairs.

Favourite gig thus far?

Our favourite gigs thus far would have to be either playing before Lovebirds during Revolver’s last Summer Series, or at Let Them Eat Cake on New Years Day this year.

Favourite genre to play?

We love playing a variety of genres, from wobbly tech house, to disco inspired funk.

What were the two of you listening to when you were growing up?

Asher: I grew up with modern Rock n' Roll music... listening to bands like Spiderbait, Frank Zappa and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Lachie: I’ve always been a big fan of all things hip-hop. As I moved through High School I was into electro and harder hitting dance music.

Favourite album of all time?

Asher: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication

Lachie: Daft Punk - Discovery

Favourite movie soundtrack?

Pulp Fiction easily.

What can your crowd expect from an Edgework set?

Our best sets are fluid and diverse, moving from grooving tech to funkier house and anywhere in between.

What does the future hold for Edgework?

This summer is already looking better than the last! At the moment we’re most excited about playing at Strawberry Fields again this November.