One-on-one with Kasey Taylor

From DJ’ing at roller rinks in the Victorian outback, to Melbourne nightclubs and the European circuit - our very own Kasey Taylor has enjoyed a career spanning decades... and he’s definitely not done yet! Between fresh new releases under his very own “Lo-Fi-45” for the likes of Muska, Retza and Thankyou City, this most talented DJ/Producer took some time to go one-on-one with Luke Lawrence before headlining alongside Phil K and Danny Bonnici this Friday at New Guernica.


How did it all begin for Kasey Taylor?

It began in a little roller rink in the outback of Victoria. It transformed from a love of skating to DJ’ing at the rink as a 13 year old. That’s where it all began - I went from that to playing all of Melbourne’s main nightclubs at the age of 17, and then touring internationally when I was 24. That’s when everything went crazy, and when the European bookings came it was the reason for me moving / living there from 2004-2013.

It’s been an enjoyable ride with some great highlights and achievements… and I’m still going!

Tell us about Kaymid?

Kaymid came about after a break from writing music for a while. Being an old-schooler, I was mostly known as being a progressive house DJ and producer… but even though I had a big hand in that genre, I don’t actually play prog and haven’t really written it for years. It’s sometimes hard to shake that tag, so I took a break from making music altogether and re-gathered, deciding that I’d re-brand myself with the “techier” stuff that I was making under Kaymid. As Kasey Taylor I make the tunes that are more “main-room”, be it techno, a touch melodic etc.

Favourite album of all time?

Impossible to answer! So many different genres you can look at for this, but if I had to name a couple I would say Sasha’s “Invo1ver” for dance related stuff, and Zero 7’s “Simple Things” for non-dance music. Those were the two that first popped into my mind, but there’s so many it’s really hard to give you only one… or even a top 5!

Who would be your number one choice to collaborate on a production with?

I know it’s nostalgic, but Sasha!

Who would be your number one choice to DJ back-to-back with?

As above… plus John Digweed. A back-to-back-to-back with the 3 of us would be the ultimate!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Playing at Bedrock with John Digweed consecutively for 2 years on a Good Friday weekend would definitely be a highlight. The fact that someone of that stature trusted me enough to play at his own night - which was a complete sellout on both occasions - HAS to go down as the main highlight. I’ve played at so many fantastic festivals and clubs which are also right up there amongst the best, but that is the definite standout.

What inspires your productions?

To be honest, I’ve found it very hard to draw inspiration from music that’s coming out this year.. especially dance music.  I’ve found 2017 to be one of the worst years for club music so far, so I’ve gone back to listening to old tunes and vinyl from 5-10 years ago to try and find some inspiration there - rather than what’s happening at the moment and I’ve actually managed to find it.

I don’t feel music has any real direction taking off right now, so I’m drawing inspiration from a range of different genres from ‘back in the day’ let’s say.

What does the future hold for Kasey Taylor?

I’m currently working on heaps of stuff for my label Lo-Fi-45. I’ve signed a lot of local talent and I’m basically helping them get their productions up to a commercially releasable standard in the studio. I’m also putting together packages with remixes and giving them the platform to release on Lo-Fi-45. I’m focusing a lot of my time on this at the moment… other than that I’m working on new Kaymid stuff and I have heaps of originals and remixes that will be released over the next few months.

I’ve also made a few new Kasey Taylor originals as well. I’ve been pretty busy of late and over the next few months, so you’ll see the releases flowing soon.