One-on-one with Thankyou City

In the lead up to their performance at the next White Noise party on February 10 at New Guernica, we had the chance to speak with Brent of Thankyou City about label success, their future.... and their favourite movie soundtracks.

What differentiates your live performance from a normal DJ set?

Our live sets are always our own tunes and we have lots of different loops and samples that are weaved into the mix. Scott and I have always grown up producing music, so to showcase our original tracks is always more satisfying for us than a regular DJ set.

What, or who, are you listening to at the moment? 

Right now it's a mix of everything. I'm always into my east coast hip hop, (pre-2000 of course!)... I've been listening to Nick Brennan's a.k.a. Tripswitch's new album "Vegabond" which is ace - we actually got to do a remix of one of the tracks too which worked out awesome with Iboga Records. Also, local guys such as Doppel, Retza and Luca Sambe. And I'd be lying if I said Tool doesn't get a good run most weeks as well.

Tell us what inspires your production?

If we're talking technically, then I'd say genres of music like EDM and psy trance - I really admire the technically that goes into those styles: the clarity, the punch and fullness of it all. We really try to bring those elements into our own style... it's always a learning process though. There's always so much to learn! But if we're talking musically then it can be anything, I think for us nature is a huge inspiration, the sounds of the outdoors. You'll always hear recordings we've done of birds, wind, water or something like that in most tracks, one track even has an elephant.

What’s your favourite movie soundtrack? Why?

Mmm, that's a tricky one. I'd probably say anything that's been done by Lisa Gerard, she usually works with Hans Zimmer and that's always killer good. Her voice is angelic, something else really.  I think the sound design on the Transformers films by Erik Aadahl is worth a mention too. 

Best gig you’ve ever played?

There's been so many! Trying to pick one is so difficult. There have been some seriously memorable ones such as our 4 hour live set at Bean Bag Babylon on the Monday at Rainbow Serpent in 2016, that was seriously nuts. Also, playing a 4 hour set at Sisyphos in Berlin was amazing, not to mention Rainbow Serpent last week which was crazy.

You have releases on some of the world’s leading labels – Sprout, Heinz Music, Subsonic, Open Records… what has this meant to Thankyou City’s success?

It's awesome really, these are labels we have always brought music from and admired and some are home imprints done by good and devoted friends. It's always great to work with the artists you've grown up admiring, and supporting your local homies is a win also.

What’s next for TYC?

More studio time and more releases for sure! We'll have 3 more releases coming out in the next 2 or 3 months, some tunes we are really excited about. Other than that just keep doing what we are doing, appreciating everything that comes our way and all the support we get. Just try to be awesome humans really.