On Friday the 15th of March, we open New Guernica’s doors to Calcutta’s techno don and founder of Soupherb Records, Ash Roy.  Between festival bookings, international tours and brand new production releases, Ash sat down with us to talk about what inspires his music, his favourite movie and the development of India’s underground house and techno community.

One-on-one with Hoten

From the colourful markets of Sao Paulo, to the white-hot beaches of Sydney… Hoten, the sun-drenched Brazilian phenomenon of house and techno (a.k.a. Wendell Benjamin) is en route to for a one-night-only party showcase alongside Robbie Lowe.

Dive deep into Hoten’s musical genius ahead of this Friday’s event and discover his inspiration, favourite album and what’s on the horizon for his co-founded label, 43 Degree Records.

One-on-one with Robbie Lowe

"Play music you love, have patience and practice, practice, practice... have fun and just let your career naturally take shape. Promoters eventually take notice and, most importantly, people on the dance floor!" As we close in on our huge Sunday Session in the iconic courtyard of Brunswick’s Penny Black, house maestro and supremely talented (and downright loveable) human-being, Robbie Lowe caught up with us to indulge our questioning ...

One-on-one with Anthony Pappa

We recently got the chance to sit down with the Godfather of underground house and techno (a.k.a. The "Black Sabbath of Prog”), Anthony Pappa before he joins us Northside for our massive Sunday Session alongside Sydney’s Robbie Lowe, and Melbourne’s disco queen Sunshine.

From cleaning dishes at a wedding reception centre and cars on Sundays to save up for a set of Technics 1200’s… to global success DJing abroad and 16 electronic music albums - one of which is the first instalment of Globalunderground’s "NuBreed" series, Pappa’s career is the stuff dreams are made of.

One-on-one with DJ Lion

As we count down the days to 'White Noise pres. DJ Lion’ on Brown Alley’s iconic garden bar on Friday the 20th of April, we stepped into the cage with the lion himself, Zhivorad Milich. As owner and co-founder of the hugely successful Patent Skillz label and recent signee to Ballroom Records, Zhivorad is quite possibly the Balkans’ finest electronic music export.

Here we get intimate about inspiration, Patent Skillz and movie soundtracks.

Who is Kaiser Souzai?

Our last stop for 2017 is our first for the summer… so we decided to go out with a bang.  All the way from Berlin, we welcome Ballroom Records’ very own Markus Binapfl and Alexej Hilz – together, known as KAISER SOUZAI.  With only a week before they touch down for their 2017 Australian tour, we sat down with the guys to talk past / current production inspiration, the house and techno scene in Berlin and their infamous HYBRID show. 

Join Kaiser Souzai, Thankyou City and Victor Y alongside a massive local lineup at New Guernica on Friday, December 8th for our biggest show to-date.

One-on-one with Retza

“When I think back to when I first started making music, I didn't even know how to load a kick drum into Ableton… and forget about being able to beat-match a tune!” – Retza.

As we close in on our Melbourne house and techno showcase at New Guernica on Friday the 20th of October, we sat down with arguably one of the most exciting and talented electronic music producers in Australia today.  Retza (a.k.a. Niklaus Retzler) has enjoyed huge success with releases on international labels Watergate, and Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream, and shows no sign of slowing down.  Here we talk about his most recent release with YokoO, the key to success and advice to upcoming DJ’s and producers in Melbourne.

One-on-one with Mensch

“DJ’ing is the way I disconnect… for me, putting on headphones and stepping up to the decks is all it takes”.

As we close in on our Melbourne house and techno showcase at New Guernica on the 20th of October, we caught up with seasoned player Mensch (a.k.a. David Engel) to talk about his most memorable gig, favourite festival experience, albums and movie soundtracks... and how to achieve ‘flow’.

One-on-one with Out of Sorts

“Do what you love, and do it for the right reasons… good things will happen” - Barton Strom (Out of Sorts, NZ).

As the countdown to 'White Noise pres. Out of Sorts’ at New Guernica on the 15th of September 2017 continues… we got to know a little more about Barton Strom, one-half of the hugely successful New Zealand duo, also known as 'Antix & Fiord'.

We talk inspiration, production methods, favourite gigs and albums, and the music scene across the ditch.

One-on-one with Edgework

As the countdown to 'White Noise pres. Out of Sorts’ at New Guernica on the 15th of September 2017 continues… we took a couple of minutes out of our day with Edgework - Asher Jonas and Lachie Spurling. Close mates and a seriously talented DJ duo with barely time to scratch themselves between gigs in and around Melbourne. Get to know the boys’ favourite music, albums and movie soundtrack.. and what inspired their stage name.

One-on-one with Kasey Taylor

From DJ’ing at roller rinks in the Victorian outback, to Melbourne nightclubs and the European circuit - our very own Kasey Taylor has enjoyed a career spanning decades... and he’s definitely not done yet! Between fresh new releases under his very own “Lo-Fi-45” for the likes of Muska, Retza and Thankyou City, this most talented DJ/Producer took some time to go one-on-one with Luke Lawrence before headlining alongside Phil K and Danny Bonnici this Friday at New Guernica.

One-on-One with Danny Bonnici

Danny Bonnici has become something of a legend in the Melbourne electronic music scene. From the heady days of Nubreed to live Ableton performances and master audio engineering, his talent seemingly knows no bounds. Danny's latest side project "Bone Itch" has afforded the producer the opportunity to spread his wings even further, and revisit his roots in jazz and funk. A week out from Danny's debut with White Noise Music at New Guernica, he sat down with Luke Lawrence to talk all things Boneitch, favourite albums and movie soundtracks, and the key to creative success.